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Trick or Treat by xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx Trick or Treat :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 6 2 + Happy Birthday, Lexii + by xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx + Happy Birthday, Lexii + :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 5 0 Dr Pepper Glow by xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx Dr Pepper Glow :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 0 0 Dr Pepper In NYC by xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx Dr Pepper In NYC :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 1 0
Mature content
Behind These Veiled Eyes - 7 :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 12 15
Black Bird - Flight 11
Chapter 11 ~ A New Day
     What . . . what is that?  Is that . . . sunlight?  It's so bright.  But there is no sun in Hueco Mundo.  Am I possibly . . . dreaming?
     Orihime's eyes crept open.  She expected to see the white sheets she had seen for so long in her dark room.  But that was the exact opposite of what laid in front of her.
     Brilliant colors bathed in a bright light.  There was a small table with fluffy plushies seated at its legs.  Each had a familiar smile stitched into their faces.  It was then Orihime remembered Ulquiorra's words.  "You will awake in Karakura."  Of course.  She was home.
     There was a smell lingering within the house—one so thin Orihime could barely sense it.  But still, she could smell it, feel it ki
:iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 1 5
The Leaves . . . by xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx The Leaves . . . :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 1 2
Forgiveness to Wretch
Say many that with forgiveness
comes forget
Say many that a face to caress
brings bet
Taketh thou the sly slander
sees veracity
Taketh thou a truth above manger
tastes atrocity
Be I who knows remberance
feels flaw
Be I who contains diligence
woos claw
Questions me if truth is feign
such a lie
Questions me if grudge is not profane
feel my pain
:iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 0 1
Only to Measure . . .
Intelligence is not measured by credential
Health is not measured by flesh
Sight is not measured by vision

Each is only justified through greater meaning
Meaning which can only be found through self
:iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 3 1
Mature content
I Will Remember :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 7 6
Un Inizio by xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx Un Inizio :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 2 4
How Could You?
Why did you have to go and do that? . . . Why would you do such a thing to me? When my life was finally becoming easy . . . Why?
Don't you love me anymore?
I thought I could find love in my own blood, but I suppose I was wrong.  How can I put my trust in you again?  How can I hold back the tears every time I think of what you've done?
Better yet, why did you have to drag me into all of this?  It had nothing to do with me to begin with, and I was happy being neutral.  But I suppose I was better to you as an object of manipulation.
I'm trying to search in my heart if I hate you now?  Or at least close.  I could never hate.  But have you broken our relationship?
How could you do this to me?  I never hurt you.  My brother and I never hurt you.  So why did you have to hurt us?  You were asked to keep us out of this war.
I can't even bare to listen to you say it's a lie.  A
:iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 2 2
MangaNEXT 33 by xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx MangaNEXT 33 :iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 2 6
Behind These Veiled Eyes - 6
Chapter 6
     A soft breeze kissed Katara's cheeks.  She felt comfort as her dear friend Yue glowed down on her.  The white light of the moon spirit was brilliant upon the surface of the water.
     Katara's hand slipped lazily to her side, pulling along a stream of water along the shore's edge.  Zuko had offered to clean up the bon fire site.  While the fire still breathed, it was slowly dying down.  The flames were nowhere near as furious as they'd been harshly an hour ago.  Looking back, Katara could barely see the Fire Lord's silhouette in the dim light.  She imagined Jin or Mai there with him, laughing and kissing his cheek.  It bothered her so just to think of it.  But what was she to do?  Things would be better that way.  And Jin was definitely happy to oblige in another try at having a relationship with Zuko.
:iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 12 15
Behind These Veiled Eyes - 5
Chapter 5
     Zuko awoke in the stinging cold of the Northern Water Tribe.  He was barely conscious but could remember a short rematch between he and the waterbender.  She'd knocked him out easily.  Now, when he attempted to get to his feet, Zuko found himself constricted—bound.  It was then he realized where he was.  He was lying in the saddle of the avatar's flying bison, tied in the very ropes he'd used to bind the avatar.
     For some reason unknown, everything had turned red around him.  He could barely look up, but he could see the moon itself had dyed a menacing red.  What had happened?
     Suddenly, he felt the wind stop on his face, and once again he found himself in an oddly warm place.  Feet pounded on the saddle and a familiar voice was declaring his insuperableness.  Zhao.  How he wanted to ju
:iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 8 4
Behind These Veiled Eyes - 4
Chapter 4
     "I guess I'll meet you there then?"
     Katara smiled at her old friend.  Nodding, she gave him a petite "'Kay."  The thought of going to some beach babe's party whose only interest was to get into Zuko's pants aggravated her enough.  But now, the knowledge that she would have to arrive at the side of an incompetent little beach boy just took her that much further.  She would love to stand the boy up and just walk on the night beach, but she had to do this.  It was for her and Zuko's chances at a good relationship, to be friends and to leave the past behind them.
     Unfortunately, her outfit was not helping the cause a bit.  Zuko just couldn't keep his eyes off her.  She had dressed herself in a lovely topless blouse.  It was a pure snowy white silk with long chiffon curls of turquoise falling over the waist edge of
:iconxxxdeath-by-sleepxxx:xxxDeath-By-Sleepxxx 13 10


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Sabrina J. V.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Since I was a toddler, I've been drawing, painting, and creating. My mother was the first to hand me the materials. She fingerpainted right by my side, and after seeing how much I enjoyed it, she continued to supply me with whatever I may need or ask for to fuel my talent. Ever since then, she's never rejected my request for more, making it work even if came money being a big object.

In 8th grade, my school funded me attending the Arts Middle School program at my community college. I was able to connect with so many other brilliant young artists as well as broaden my horizons not only in style and material, but artistic modelling as well.

These past few years I've done posters for grappling competitions, tested my hand at commissions, and improved greatly in my art.

I've always been fascinated by the human body and so collect books of photography and explination of anatomy. I love romanticism above all other genres of art and do not stray in my writings.

Above all else, I thank my mother for both introducing me to and facilitating my art, as well as my many other interests. Though we may argue now and again, I know she will always be both my mother and my best friend.



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